The Writer's Guide to Vivid Scenes and Characters: 2022 Edition

December 20, 2022

"The Writer's Guide to Vivid Scenes and Characters: 2022 Updated & Expanded Edition" is now available and I am seeking reviews of the newest publication. :-)

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The advice, tools, and reference lists in this guidebook will inspire writers to create original and vibrant depictions of characters, locations, weather, and mood that can greatly enhance anyone’s storytelling, whether you’re writing adult, young adult, or children’s fiction.

Fictional and real settings are much more effective, dramatic, and evocative when they’re visible, auditory, olfactory, and tactile.

Character depictions are much more imaginative, lifelike, and vivid for readers when a character has intriguing physical qualities and distinctive, memorable features.

This valuable reference book offers writers simplified ways to depict vibrant settings and dynamic character descriptions flawlessly. Plus, this edition includes helpful thesauruses on various topics with inspiring word choices!


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