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Fiction writing is an amazing creative journey, allowing writers to create interesting characters, imaginative worlds, and heart-wrenching stories. Great writing isn't just telling a story, it’s getting the reader so deeply emerged within the narrative that they hurry to turn the pages. It is knowing how to "hook" the reader and keep them interested until the end. It's learning how to handle Deep POV, conflict, characterization, realistic settings, as well as a compelling plot.

It is such an honor to guide writers on their creative journey.  I have over fifteen years of experience on all sides of the publishing industry. I was a Creative Writing major in college, and I previously owned an indie eBook publishing company. Then I worked as a developmental/acquisitions editor for another publisher, and in the last nine years, I’ve even had the honor of freelance editing books for a number of successful authors. And I have been traditionally published (under a pen name), published by an independent publisher, and now I am a proud indie author. To date, I currently have nine fiction novels, and ten nonfiction titles published. Many of my books have spent time on the 100 Kindle bestseller lists and some of my fiction has been chosen as top picks at several prominent review sites. So I consider myself a long-time industry veteran.

I only edit for a select clientele, so if you would like to discuss the possibility of working together and to obtain a quote, please contact me directly. I only work on a limited number of manuscripts each year. 

Developmental Editing Services

My developmental editing focuses on "big picture" plot points and enhancing characterization. My feedback is loaded with tips, suggestions, and techniques for how to enhance your plot, deepen POV, create memorable characters, and amplify your “narrative voice.” Also, I will offer advice on how to polish the prose and offer ways to strengthen every scene to keep readers flipping the pages. This service also includes minor help with awkward sentences to improve the overall flow of your paragraphs. During every critique that I do, I give writers an honest assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, along with ways to improve any areas that might need more revision.

I will only comment and offer suggestions on developmental critiques such as:

Conflict / Tension
Plot development
Character ARC / Goals
Show versus tell (Deep POV)
Writing Style (that fits the genre)
Awkward sentence structure
Opening and closing scenes
Point of view (POV)
Distinct Voice / Style
Pacing issues
Setting and descriptions
Dialogue exchanges and dialogue tags
Point out repetition (including overuse of certain words or phrases)
Indicate clarity issues
Give feedback on what could be improved
Recommend fact checking
Include examples of improvements, if possible

A proofread/copyedit or deep line-edit should be the very last thing a writer does, so I recommend that you wait until all the revision work has been completed. I can recommend a copyeditor and/or proofreader once the novel has been polished. This service does not include a copyedit or proofread, so I will only do minor edits on:

Tightening up wordy prose
Smoothing awkward transitions
Check for consistency

List of Editing Services
One Full Developmental critique:
In my critique, I will check for conceptual flow (i.e. plot pacing, character development (characterization), story arc, etc.), plot holes, fluidity, setting, theme, backstory, and dialogue. I will do some critiquing on word choice, repeated phrases, and sentence structure. And I work closely with writers to tighten and strengthen their work into the best possible shape. (*one pass only) Prices from $0.01 to $0.03 per word, depending on the scope of work needed.

First Chapter Critique:
The first chapter is crucial. I can help writers make sure that their opening is superb. Within a week of submitting your first chapter, I promise you’ll have a cohesive idea on how to make it “hook” your reader. (*one pass only): Prices from $0.01 up to $0.03 per word

First Three Chapters Critique:
I will critique your first three chapters to ensure that these vital pages have a strong enough "hook" to lure your reader into the story. This service points out conceptual problems within the beginning chapters such as story arc, plot structure, lack of visual description, character ARC, any pacing problems, and suggestions on necessary revisions. (*one pass only): Prices from $0.01 up to $0.03 per word

Ghostwriting services:
I do confidential ghostwriting (manuscript doctor) for select clients, which includes help with character development, enriching dialogue, restructuring plot-lines, and infusing suspense or romance, and even humor on existing manuscripts only. *Writer retains exclusive rights. (This service is highly confidential.) Prices from $0.07 to $0.10 per word

Plotting Brainstorming and/or Character Development via email: $50 an hour (minimum 1 hour) 

Turnaround time:
Once the manuscript has been submitted, along with first payment, the critique will be done within 3 to 4 weeks, or less. (This may vary depending on the length of the manuscript).

*Please note: This service is only available to residents of the United States of America and Canada, and is only in the English language.

Get a free quote today! I offer all new clients a complimentary 2-3 page edit with no obligation on full-length novel services. 
Please contact me for details and an initial consultation.

 Hours of operation are 9am (PST) to 7pm (PST) Monday through Saturday. 
Closed on Sundays and all major holidays.

And I have over nine years of experience designing books covers and premade cover designs at Spellbinding Designs

If you’re looking for someone to just clean up the grammar or typos, than a different critique service may be the right choice for you. I consider myself a "writing mentor" with the goal of helping writers polish their work and improve their writing skills. However, this is a subjective business, and many suggestions will be based on my individual opinions and experiences, as well as my writing and editorial background.

And I am only human and do occasionally make mistakes. I cannot guarantee all errors will be caught. I also cannot guarantee that you will be published or secure an agent following my critique. This is very much a talent based industry and much depends on a writer’s determination and drive to succeed. I will give you information I believe helpful, and try to guide you toward your goals. It's up to you to use my suggestions, put them into practice, and be receptive to feedback.