Storytelling Comes in Many Forms

Hey writer friends!

Have you guys seen any of the Marvel movies? Like The Avengers films? Captain America? Thor? Guardians of the Galaxy? Ant-Man? Black Panther? “Wakanda forever!

The Avengers, Thor (with Loki!), and Guardians of the Galaxy are my favs. We are huge fans at my house and we’ve watched all the movies. Except my daughter hasn’t seen Black Panther yet, so we plan to watch it this weekend.

These movies are great to dissect story structure, character development, dialogue, and villain/hero ARCs. The movies have lots of action, humor, a little romance, and loads of heart. 

The Black Panther movie was fantastic (really great character/hero ARC) and it is on Netflix. 

Actually, I think most of these are on Netflix. (Although, I’d pass on The Hulk and Spider-Man movies.)

And if you do watch any of these, there is always an extra scene at the very end once the credits are finished. Sometimes more than one.

A Black Widow movie might be out in 2020. Yay!

I know most writing advice states that "reading" is the best way to hone your skills, but I feel storytelling comes in many forms, such as screenplays. You can learn a lot by watching movies as well as reading books. :-)

So, which Marvel movie or series is your favorite? Fav character(s)?

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