Premade Novel Plots

Unique premade plots for both plotters and pantsers to buy created by Patti Petrone Miller and S. A. Soule. Please join our popular Facebook group, The Plot Coven to browse available premade fiction plots.

Each premade plot outline is a chapter-by-chapter outline (anywhere from 15 to 30 chapters), and includes 1 plot point, 1 pinch point, and an emotion or romance beat. Along with a plot summary, detailed character creation, world-building, blurb, tropes, etc. Each premade plot will provide you with everything that you need to craft a page-turning story.

Premade plots and summaries can be expanded or revised to fit your own creative vision.

We specialize in premade plots in these genres:

⭐ Cozy Mystery / Para-Cozy / Sci-Fi Cozy

⭐ Urban Fantasy

⭐ Supernatural Mystery

⭐ Paranormal Women Fiction

⭐ Romance (rom-com, contemporary, paranormal, gothic)

⭐ Horror

⭐ Holiday themes

⭐ Thriller/Suspense

⭐ Paranormal
⭐ Sci-Fi plots

Join our popular Facebook group, The Plot Coven today and browse available premade fiction plots!


These basic "3-Act structure plot templates" are only $40 each, which can be used to craft engaging reads and be reused multiple times. 

Writers can use these plotting tools as inspiration and a guideline to crafting a great book. These templates were based on several different plotting outlines, such as by Larry Brooks, Jami Gold, Elizabeth Davis, and Blake Snyder.

These templates do not include any character arcs or world-building, but are great to use to keep a story on track and as a guide to plotting your own narrative.

If you would like to purchase any of these plotting tools, please let me know. I will send as a PDF file within 48 hours once payment has been sent.


📕 Horror Plot Template

📕 Mystery/Crime Plot Template (not cozy)

📕 Paranormal Romance Plot Template

📕 Romance Plot template

📕 Thriller Plot Template
📕 Universal Plot Template (fits most genres)

Only $40 each. All plot templates are nonrefundable.


S.A. Soule also offers custom plots, which include detailed character creation, theme, tropes, blurb, world-building, etc. to help writers craft a page-turning read. 

Prices: $250 to $500 / Please contact me to order a custom plot service.