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The Internet is a never-ending resource of savvy writing advice, instruction, and help. Here is a copious list of sites offering tips, editing tools, tricks, and techniques for both established authors as well as aspiring writers seeking to find an agent and get published. Check back often, I'll update with new sites that I discover. 

Some of my favorite sites and blogs to visit 
whenever I need help or inspiration:

Revision: Character 
Character Questionnaires  
Joslyn Pine on Editing Fiction 

*Self-publishing? Check out this awesome book formatting site, BOOKOW 

Story Structure and Revision Checklist 
Revising Your Novel by James Scott Bell 
Plot Revision for Novel Writers 
Revising Plot–Scene by Scene 
Write & Rewrite: Plot 
Revision Tips, part One–Using Your Plot Diagrams as Working Drawings 
Revising Your Novel by James Scott Bell
Ack! My group members disagree about my WIP. What do I do? 
Using the Elements of Fiction to Create Pacing in Your Novel
Weaving Subplots into Your Novel
How to Balance Action, Narrative and Dialog  
Great Blog Post on Writing Dialogue
Setting: “Where am I” And why should I care?”
Setting and atmosphere 
Using Setting & Description in Creative, Yet Crucial Ways 
Sensory Details Put Reader On-Location 
Setting as Character
Describing a Character
Tips for writing in First Person POV
Advice on Writing a Novel and Revision
Writing Deep Point of View
Emotional Depth: Deep Point of View
Deep POV in 5 minutes or less
Over and Overused Words
*AutoCrit Novel Editing Online Software
17 Reasons a Manuscript is Rejected
The Reason Editors Reject Manuscripts

Three Reasons an Agent Rejects Your Pages

What do you mean, most submissions are rejected on page 1? http://www.annemini.com/?p=2158

Why Manuscripts Get Rejected by Literary Agents

“Rhetorical Questions” Blog Post by BookEnds, LLC, literary agency
Writing Three-Dimensional Characters
Building Three-Dimensional Characters

How to Create Three-Dimensional Characters

Writing Description:
Tastes, Smells, Sights, Sounds, And Touchy-feely Things

Creating Memorable Characters

Creating Realistic Characters

Building a Strong Plot

LONG List of Writing Resources

Developing Characters

Fiction Writers First Line Generator

Kiersten Writes

Revision Checklist

Ponder, Polish, Perfect: How to Successfully Revise 

Best Post I've ever read on Revision 

Author Book Cover, Blog, and Website Design

Helping Writers Become Authors

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Positive Writer

List of the Best Writing Blogs 2014 

Writers Helping Writers