57 Social Media Posting Ideas for Authors


I have put together a list of fun topics for indie authors for their social media accounts and newsletters from various online resources. The idea is to help writers create appealing content by promoting their brand and not hard selling. Constant "Buy my Book" posts get annoying fast. However, by sharing more engaging topics that you're passionate about or relate to your books, it should gain you loads of visibility, keep current fans interested, and target new readers. Thus, the more likely readers will be to buy your work without any direct selling. 

And be sure to include an image with every post that reflects the topic. There are tons of free image sites that you can download from, like unSplash, Pixabay, Pexels, Flickr, etc.

The best time to post on Facebook is between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I would advise posting at least once a week.

Don’t forget to hit the “share” button on your FB post afterwards to share it on your story, too.

Any of these topics can be used on your website/blog, monthly newsletter, or any social media accounts, like Tumblr and even on Twitter by including a link to the post.

And I will add more topics as I think of new ones to include! Please bookmark this page and check back soon. 😀


 1) Talk about the story you’re currently writing/rewriting, like the theme, world-building, characters, location, romance(s), etc.

 2) Ask your followers on social media what they like most in a book. Or what they hate most.

3) Next time you post, take those answers and write about how your current story fits into what they like, and doesn't have what they hate. (Like how you avoided a trope or cliche.)

 4) Write about an author who has influenced your writing career.

 5) Share a place that you go to find inspiration (graveyard, park, art studio, etc.).

 6) Write a post regarding a subtopic in one of your publications or WIP.

 7) Share one of your hobbies, whatever you like to do when you’re not writing.

 8) Share the most valuable writing advice that you’ve ever gotten.

 9) Share a post about what you’re currently reading or a genre you love. (But don't do a review. Just highlight the things you like. Leave out anything negative.) Ask your followers to do the same in the comments.

 10) Discuss TV shows or movies that fit within your genre(s).

 11) Share how you discover
novels to read, and ask your readers to share how they discover them in the comments.

 12) Discuss your research and world-building process.

 13) Talk about the most difficult thing about being a writer.

 14) Chat about the most awesome thing about being a writer.

 15) Share a collection of your favorite book covers/cover art, and why you like them.

 16) Talk about your writing style and what readers can expect to experience in your stories. 

17) Share about a main character in one of your stories; what inspired their name, personality, looks, etc.

 18) Explain how you craft characters, storylines, and world-building.

 19) Highlight a current author that you like/respect, and what you like about their stories.

 20) Do a post on your book cover designer, talk about what you love about their artwork, etc.

 21) Discuss the people who have helped with your writing, like your editor, designer, illustrator, marketing person, etc.

 22) Talk about the inspiration behind your recent publication or WIP.

 23) Share chapters or sections that might have been cut from the final draft of your recent publication on your blog or website. (Just post a link to it on your other social media accounts.)

 24) Tell the story about how you became a writer, and who supported your dream, etc.

 25) Share each of your main character’s backstories in a series of posts.

 26) Write a post as one of the characters from your

 27) Discuss any struggles you face when writing and how you have overcome them.

 28) If you are writing a new story, introduce your readers to the main character(s), or the locations that will be featured in that story.

 29) If you are researching a new storyline or location, share how you are going about it.

30) Talk about your favorite book growing up and the impact it had on you.

 31) Do your characters have special hobbies or interests? Do a post as the character talking about those interests, like baking, scrapbooking, hiking, cosplay, juggling, sword fighting, or various things they like to collect, etc.

 32) Interview one of your characters. (5 to 7 questions)

 33) Share one of the best reviews you've ever received. Or if you are brave enough, share one the worst and what you learned from it.

 34) List your top 5 favorite
novels and why you love each one in a only sentence or two.

 35) Share the struggles your characters face in your stories. (Demons? Shape-shifters? Monsters? Rats? Crazed killers? A rabid raccoon? Natural disasters?)

 36) Post pics of the town/city/location that inspired the setting of one of your stories. 

37) Post a teaser (only a paragraph or two) from each of your novels on your blog/site and share a link to it so readers can visit and read your work. (Be sure to include a buy link in both posts.)

 38) Post a first chapter of your current WIP on your blog/site and share a link to it so readers can read it. (Be sure to include a link to your Amazon profile.)

 39) Do cover reveals. Social media is a great way to share with fans your cover art or if you have rebranded an old design.

40) Share how many novels you read or listen to each month.

 41) Post this fun topic to get comments: “What are things to never, ever say to a booklover?” Then 'tag' another friend to re-post the same topic.

 42) Talk about your TBR list and how quickly you think you'll get through it.

 43) Interview a reader with 5 quick questions about their love of books and post it on your Facebook profile and group.

 44) Romance writers can do a “Hot Guy Wednesday” post once or twice a month with an image of a sexy man. (A funny caption or something relating to one of your books would be great to add.) Or a “Supernatural Creature Day,” where you talk about a monster. Or anything that relates to a character or topic in your genre. 

 45) Ask your fans/followers to sum up the book they are reading in a GIF in the comments. Share your own in the post.

 46) Post a GIF or image that shows how you feel whenever you buy a book, and ask your followers to do the same in the comments.

 47) Post your favorite book/author quote and ask your friends to do the same in the comments.

 48) Ask your followers to grab a book off their shelf, open it to a random page, and post the first sentence that they find in the comments, and you’ll write a few fictional lines using that sentence. 

 49) Post sneak peeks of book covers, teasers, excerpts, character images, and quotes from your stories or WIP.

 50) Chat about rebranding and/or rewriting a
novel or series in your backlist. Share the new covers and an excerpt, with an upcoming publication date, telling readers what day they can expect to read/buy the updated book(s).

 51) Sneak in a book promotion once a month. This post can be about one of your publications with the cover, blurb, and a link to buy it. Include a request for reviews from your fans when they finish reading it. 

52) Post at least 5 to 7 of your favorite first sentences from books that you've read and briefly state why you liked each one. Then ask your followers/friends to post in the comments the first lines from their favorite book(s) or a first sentence they thought was clever. 

53) Post a photo of your office or workspace (even if its a coffee shop), and chat about how it inspires you or why you enjoy writing there.

54) Post a photo of your bookcase(s) or bookshelves. Then ask your followers/friends to share a pic of their own in the comments.

55) If you occasionally, or even frequently, listen to audiobooks, share which ones you found the narration and storyline enjoyable. Ask your followers/friends to post their favorite audiobook(s) in the comments.

56) If you are reading/writing a certain genre, ask your followers/friends to post recommendations for books in the comments.

57) Write a post asking your followers/friends this question, "If my book was ever made into a movie, which actors do you think would be good in the roles?" And tell them to post their picks in the comments.

  Once you reach the end of this list, go back to topic 1# and start all over again. Rinse and repeat.                                                     

~ ~ ~

 Be sure to respond to every single comment! 

Readers thrive on high engagement. You want followers to read your posts and you want to show them that you care, and that it's not just about buying your books.

One last piece of advise, try to avoid negative subjects or negativity, like whining on Facebook about a 1-star review you just got. Rant and cry in private, but never in public. 

And again, I will add more topics as I think of new ones! Please don't forget to bookmark this page and check back soon. 😀

Wishing everyone much success on their creative journey!


  1. A great list of topics! Thank you for sharing! :-)

    - Azaaa Davis

    1. Thanks! I added 6 more fun topics that writers can share on social media. I will add more as ideas come to me. :-)


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