The Cozy Mystery Writer Resource Guide

February 19, 2023

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let my cozy mystery writer friends who follow this site know that "The Cozy Mystery Resource Guide" is a great addition to your writer toolbox. Whether you write cozy mysteries or cozy paranormal mysteries, this inspirational guidebook will help you find success.

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This amazing handbook offers cozy mystery writers a ton of great resources to hone their craft and market their books.

⭐This handbook is packed with useful information and tons of resources! The content provides cozy mystery writing advice, along with an inspirational list of genre tropes, themes, story prompts, crimes, cozy settings, jobs, hobbies, keywords, subgenres, and so much more to inspire your creative muse.

⭐The reference sections will save cozy mystery writers time and energy searching for online resources that includes links to plot templates, reliable and professional services (designers, marketing, premade plots, editors, etc.), cozy and mystery groups on Facebook, cozy marketing and writing courses, and a handy catalogue of mystery writing and plotting handbooks. In addition to a directory of marketing sites and a list of book reviewers and bloggers to help promote your work.

⭐Plus, as a special bonus, this handbook includes interviews with several bestselling cozy authors, offering inspirational advice and writing tips. This handbook is recommended for cozy mystery writers at every level of their career.

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Are you ready to target your ideal readership, craft a page-turning read, and embark on a successful writing career?

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