Fiction Editing Services

Affordable Editing and Proofreading Services

Have you written a novel that has had various rejections?
Is ambiguous feedback from critique partners frustrating you?
Do you believe your writing would improve if someone could just show you what was lacking in your work?
Have you decided to self-publish, but need your novel proofread before you take the next step and publish it?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please contact us for a free sample edit and quote. We can help you take your writing to the next level!
Finding the right editor to critique your work is essential because you must be able to trust this person with your novel. A good editor can become a confidant, supporter, and give your work a heavy dose of tough love. An editor is like a mentor who will help you to vastly improve your writing skills and also help to prepare your work for publication. Whether you’re preparing to find an agent, or a publishing editor, or even getting ready to self-publish your manuscript, you need to be sure your work has been comprehensively proofread. And all of our services are highly confidential.

Every writer that we've worked with has been offered a publishing contract or has landed an agent shortly afterwards. The self-published writers that we've had the honor to work with have become bestselling authors. We can't promise that you'll find instant success, but we can promise that you'll be a lot closer than other writers. 

If you’re looking for advanced creative writing techniques and you want to take your writing to the next level, then we are the editors for you!  

About Us, the Creativity Coaches: 
Sherry Soule is the founder of Fiction Editing Services. She is a bestselling author and has over seven years of experience as a skilled freelance developmental editor. As a former acquisitions editor for Crescent Moon Press and senior editor for Disenchanted Publishing (where she has edited several award-winning and bestselling novels), a Creative Writing major, she hopes that her insight into the creative writing process will help other writers to find success. Plus, she has studied with some of the best editors in the publishing industry, which also keep her updated on current publishing trends. Sherry specializes in editing mainly horror, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, science fiction, Gothic, and romantic suspense in the adult, young adult, and new adult genres.
Carmen Erickson is an author and proficient freelance editor that works with a wide range of writers, including authors who have appeared on NY Times and USA Today bestsellers' lists. Carmen graduated from the prestigious Institute of Children’s Literature and is an active member in the writing community. She is a developmental editor and grammar whiz who can enhance your novel with helpful suggestions and examples on how to improve your craft. Carmen has extensive experience in all genres of middle grade, young adult, and adult.

One Full Developmental edit (content editing):  
In our critique, we will check for conceptual flow (i.e. plot pacing, character development, story arc, etc.), plot holes, and include intense line-editing. We will edit for word choice, repeated phrases, sentence structure, and work closely with writers to tighten and strengthen their work before publication.*This is only for one pass.
We also offer this basic, helpful service. To be clear, a copyedit involves ONLY correcting the spelling, punctuation, grammar, terminology, jargon, repeated words and/or phrases, and ensuring that the text adheres to the publisher's style or an external style guide, such as the Chicago Manual of Style. Copyediting will also suggest shortening the text to improve it or tighten wordy sentences. *This is only for one pass.
Book Blurb (backjacket copy):
Let us stressgreat book blurbs sell books! (Besides an awesome book cover.) Blurbs are one of the most important selling tools you have for your book, because you want it to grab the reader's attention. Sherry can tweak your existing book blurb (back jacket copy) into a gripping ‘hook” that will compel readers to either buy your book or crave more info on it. She can also help writers that are trying to revise their query letter blurbs into compelling prose that will have agents asking for more. This service also includes creating a gripping tagline if needed. Send Sherry (the blurb ninja!) your back cover content and she will work her magic. (Why is the blurb so important?)
Unsure the first chapter meets an agent or an editor's expectations?
We all know that the first chapter is crucial. We can help writers make sure that their opening is superb. Within 72 hours of submitting your first chapter (or up to the first 20 pages) to us, we promise you’ll have a cohesive idea on how to make it “hook” your reader.
First Three Chapters:
This is not a deep line-edit, but we will critique your first three chapters to ensure that these vital pages have a strong enough "hook" to lure your reader into the story. This service is basically content editing, which points out larger conceptual problems like story arc, plot structure, lack of visual description, characterization, and other big picture choices, any pacing problems, and suggestions on necessary revisions.
Deep Content Editing: 
This service will break down the plot, characterization, fluidity, setting, concept, backstory, and dialogue. Also verifies facts and make ensures the consistency in the book works. *This is only for one pass.
Beta Reader (proofread):
A beta reader reads an unpublished manuscript with what has been described as "a critical eye,” with the aim of improving grammar and spelling, and also pointing out typos and any plot holes through comments and suggestions. This is commonly the last thing a writer does once they have a clean final draft. *This is only for one pass.
Ghostwriting services:
Sherry does confidential ghostwriting (manuscript doctor) for a select clientele, which includes help with deep line-editing, character development, enriching dialogue, restructuring plotlines, and infusing suspense and even humor on existing manuscripts in these genres: horror, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and romantic suspense. Writers retain exclusive rights. Contact Sherry for a FREE initial consultation. (This service is highly confidential.)

Manuscript Payments:
A one pass developmental manuscript critique is priced at only $2.50 US per page. (For example, a 300-page edit will only cost $750.00 US by PayPal Payment, plus $20 to cover any additional fees and taxes.) These prices are based on per page with standard submission formatting: double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1 in margins, and each chapter starting on a new page. 
If you decide to retain our services, you may pay half upfront and the second half upon completion. (Unless you require a rush edit, which is completed within 2 weeks or less and is subject to slightly higher pricing.)

Full Developmental Critique (*one pass only):  $2.50 per page
Deep Content editing (*one pass only): $2.00 per page
Estimated rush edits:  $3.50 per page (depending on length)
First Chapter edits (or up to 20 pages):  $35.00 - flat fee
First three chapters edit (or first 45 pages): $75.00 - flat fee
Basic Copyedit (*one pass only): $1.75 per page
Book blurb service: $35.00 to $40.00
Beta read / Proofread: $1.50 per page
Estimated ghostwriting: $3.00 to 5.00 per page 


Turnaround Time:
Once your first payment is sent, the critique will be done within 3 weeks or less. (This may vary depending on the length of the manuscript)
*Please note: This service is only available in the English language.

To contact the Creativity Coaches for more info on our services, and a sample edit, please contact Carmen Erickson or Sherry Soule today!

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