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Useful of Websites and Blogs for Fiction Writers

If your writing still seems unpolished, it could benefit from a good edit. Sometimes hiring an editor isn't always an available option, most of the time you have to perform that job yourself.  

Inexperienced writers usually cannot detect mistakes in punctuation, spelling, word choice, phrasing, and style simply by looking over their work. This list of online grammar  and editing resources is to help you have a “back-up” program to check for easily overlooked blunders. Don’t depend on your computer’s writing software, like Microsoft’s Word program. These page has a lot of great resources for fan-fiction writers, self-published or Indie authors, novelists, or anyone wanting to hone their writing skills. 

Included in this post are valuable blogs, forums, and fiction writing support groups devoted to helping struggling writers with helpful editing tips, agent updates, and so much more. Please check back because I will add to this list. 

  Writing and Editing Blogs

Ten Rules For Writing Fiction - if you're serious about trying to getting published, then read this post, then read it again. And memorize it.
Literary Rambles one of best resources for up-to-date agent information.

Author! Author! Anne Mini's Blog is a useful site for new writers. It provides formatting guidelines, submission advice, editing tips and so much more by a published author. A remarkable resource for any writer.
FLOG Notes on manuscript formatting and other advice for fiction writers.
Adventures in Children's Publishing a blog for YA writers great site!
Cliches and Expressions Origins
Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors  
The Blood-Red Pencil Sharp and pointed observations about good writing
Fiction Groupie Writing, Reading, Learning. Pantsing My Way Through Debut Authorhood

  Online Writer Forums
WEbook  an online community where you can share your work, get feedback from other writers & readers in your genre with a list of over 80 established literary agents. 

Romance Divas  free writer's resource website and discussion forum dedicated to the romance and writing community. 

Urban Fantasy Writers  free writer's resource and discussion forum dedicated to the urban fantasy genre. 

Absolute Write Water Cooler  a forum for just about any kind of writing, frequented by authors of all skill levels.

YALITCHAT  a forum that actively seeks to advance the good of the entire young adult community worldwide, every day. Through writing, reading, selling, buying, teaching, leading, creating, editing, etc. YA books--we become the medium by which the world experiences what it means to be young adult.

Agent Query  offers the largest, most current searchable database of literary agents on the web—a treasure trove of reputable, established literary agents seeking writers just like you. And it's free! 

Horror Writers  is an online community for writers of creepy fiction. So whether you write short stories, novels, or film scripts, this site will provide you with an absolute treasure trove of material relating to all aspects of the horror genre

Sites with Tips on Self-Editing
Self-Editing Part 3: Character Development [NouveauWriter] Don't lose sight of your character's true self.
Avoid Rejection: Editors Pet Peeves [Fantasy Faction] Seven problems and fixes. Em dash? Autonomous body parts!

The Chicago Manual of Style Online 

Blogs on the Craft of Writing
How To Write Your Novel's Hook [www.publetariat.com] Thirteen choices to get your creative juices flowing.
Six Limitations of the First Person POV [Ingrid's Notes] Beware imprisonment and the tell tell trap.

Evil Editor Why you don't get published blog.

Editorial Ass writing tips by a recovering editorial assistant.

Terribleminds  writers would come together and put all their fiction, but that idea miscarried before it could be born wriggling and screeching.

These are some of my favorite sites and blogs to visit:

Revision: Character 
Character Questionnaires  
Joslyn Pine on Editing Fiction 

*Self-publishing? Check out this awesome book formatting site, BOOKOW: http://www.bookow.com
Story Structure and Revision Checklist 
Revising Your Novel by James Scott Bell 
Plot Revision for Novel Writers 
Revising Plot–Scene by Scene 
Using the Elements of Fiction to Create Pacing in Your Novel
Weaving Subplots into Your Novel
How to Balance Action, Narrative and Dialog  
Great Blog Post on Writing Dialogue
Setting: “Where am I” And why should I care?”
Setting and atmosphere 
Using Setting & Description in Creative, Yet Crucial Ways 
Sensory Details Put Reader On-Location 
Advice on Writing a Novel and Revision
Adding Character Description
17 Reasons a Manuscript is Rejected
The Reason Editors Reject Manuscripts

Three Reasons an Agent Rejects Your Pages

What do you mean, most submissions are rejected on page 1? http://www.annemini.com/?p=2158

Why Manuscripts Get Rejected by Literary Agents

“Rhetorical Questions” Blog Post by BookEnds, LLC, literary agency
Tastes, Smells, Sights, Sounds, And Touchy-feely Things

Creating Memorable Characters

Creating Realistic Characters

Building a Strong Plot

LONG List of Writing Resources

 Editing Software for Fiction Writers

AutoCrit Wizard Whether your goal is to reach a best-seller list, to get your first publishing contract, or to finish your memoir so you can share it with your family, your writing needs to shine.
Editor software for checking spelling, word usage, punctuation, and style, is compact and fast
Scrivener (Highly Recommended!) allows you to split up a long text into smaller, more manageable chunks (chapters, scenes, main points - how large or small is up to you) and to edit them independently or together as one long document
DictionaryBoss Great resources like spell check, dictionary look-up, translations, word of the day.

The AutoCrit team has made the Wizard more 
powerful, faster, and easier to use.
A new version of AutoCrit is launching soon. The new AutoCrit will have the same great features you love from the original, plus:
Faster, more intuitive editing user interface (new)
Adverbs in Dialogue analysis (new)
Summary Report (new)
Word and phrase frequency summaries (new)
No word limits, upload your entire manuscript (new)

Comparison of your manuscript to published fiction with the ability to customize results based on specific fiction genres (new) 
Visit the site for more details, AutoCrit Editing Wizard

Book Cover Design 

SwoonWorthy Book Covers this site specializes in vivid and eye-catching premade designs (like the covers shown above) in every genre. Each professional-looking cover is only $59.99


Bestselling author S. A. Soule shares her expertise with writers by providing surefire, simple methods of getting readers so emotionally invested in their stories that booklovers will be flipping the pages to find out what happens next.

Each of these helpful and inexpensive self-editing books in the Fiction Writing Tools series encompass many different topics such as, dialogue, exposition, internal-monologue, setting, and other editing techniques that will help you take your writing skills to the next level.


Create Realistic Character Expression and Emotion!

*Amazon Bestseller in Editing, Writing and Reference*

Most writers struggle with creating a captivating story. The fastest way to improve your writing is by the use of the “Deep Point-of-View” technique, which can transform any novel from mediocre storytelling into riveting prose. This handbook is great for self-published authors, short story writers, and even published authors wanting to instantly enhance their writing skills.

This manual will also explain how you can greatly enhance your characterization by eliminating filtering words, and includes hundreds of amazing tips on how to submerge your readers so deeply into any scene that they will experience the story along with your characters. Also, learn how to avoid “telling” by applying “showing” methods through powerful examples that will deepen the reader’s experience through vivid, sensory details.

Are you ready to instantly take your writing skills to the next level?

Improve Dialogue, Settings, and Characterization! (Book 2)
No matter what genre you write, this second manual on the Deep Point of View technique should be kept as a vital reference in every writer’s toolbox. This in-depth guide offers specific, practical tools for creative fiction writers on how to craft realistic settings, visceral responses, and lifelike characters. 

Crammed with even more examples and ways to eliminate shallow writing, this book provides the necessary techniques to master describing facial expressions, body language, and character emotions. This resource of endless inspiration will reveal how to dig deeper to “show don’t tell,” which is essential to crafting compelling dialogue, vivid scenes, and deepening characterization.

Learn to write:

  • Realistic settings through sensory details
  • Three-dimensional characters
  • Memorable “Voice”
  • Authentic facial expressions
  • Engaging dialogue

Are you ready to start instantly improving your writing skills today?
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Learn How To Instantly Sell More Books On Amazon!

This in-depth marketing guide is perfect for writers publishing their first novel or indie authors trying to gain a wider readership. The manual includes valuable tips on networking, how to get more book reviews, and contains wonderful advice on how to best promote your work from established authors and popular book bloggers.

Whether you’re a multi-published author looking to expand your audience or a self-published writer, this book will instantly give you the tools to market your fiction like a pro! Free bonus features include how successful authors use social media to connect with potential readers, reviewers, and how to sell more books.

Ready to start instantly boosting your book sales?

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An Amazing Source Book on Writing Description! (Book 3)
In this comprehensive writing fiction manual, you will learn how to create extraordinary worlds and deeply submerge your readers into the story. Constructing lifelike scenes isn’t easy, unless you have the tools to write vibrant, authentic settings.

This manual also provides vital techniques on world-building with bonus examples on how to combine the five senses and use deep POV in all of your scenes. This valuable reference guide is useful in revealing a simplified way to create unique settings and vivid character descriptions flawlessly.

Are you ready to instantly take your writing skills to the next level?

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This manual is specifically for fiction writers who want to learn how to create riveting and compelling dialogue that propels the storyline and reveals character personality.

Writers will also learn how to weave emotion, description, and action into their dialogue heavy scenes. With a special section on how to instantly improve characterization through gripping conversations. All of these helpful writing tools will make your dialogue sparkle!

Are you ready to instantly take your writing skills to the next level?

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A Simple System to Plotting a Gripping Novel!
Awesome Tips on Crafting a Riveting Story that instantly Grabs Your Reader...

This manual offers amazing techniques for creating stronger beginnings and ways to write a page-turning plot for your fiction novel. Writers will learn how to make their first pages so intriguing with chapter “hooks” that the reader won’t be able to put the book down. 

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions on creating a comprehensive plot with the three-act structure using the dynamic templates provided in this guidebook, whether you’re a plotter or more of a pantser. Each chapter provides comprehensive tips on storytelling, which every writer needs to plot like an experienced pro without a complicated outline.

Topics in this book include...
 * 6 Popular Genre Plot Templates
 * 3 Extensive Character Templates
 * Advice on Writing Scene Hooks
 * Simple Breakdown on Story Structure
 * Advice from Bestselling Authors on Plotting

Also, writers will gain the tools needed to blend character goals within any scene to improve pacing, and instantly strengthen the narrative. Plus, bonus advice on self-publishing and genre word counts. Whether you’re writing an intense thriller or a sweeping romance, all novels follow the same basic outline described in detail within this book.

Are you ready to take your writing skills to the next level?

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An Awesome Book Description is one of the Most Important Tools a Writer Needs to Sell More Books, or to Gain the Attention of an Agent…
Whether you’re self-publishing, or querying agents and publishers, this guidebook on book descriptions can help! Writing back jacket copy (blurb or marketing copy) can give most writers a major headache. In this in-depth reference manual, any writer can learn how to instantly create an appealing blurb with a captivating tagline, or write a perfect query letter. 

Topics in this book include...

Book Descriptions: Each chapter offers simple steps to creating powerful blurbs (200 words or less), with a gripping opening line, and a strong last sentence “hook.”  

Indie Authors: Will get a clearer understanding on how to write an effective book description, which is one of the most vital selling points a self-published author needs to successfully promote a book. Book blurbs are a critical marketing tool to attract readers. (Besides a “genre specific” book cover.)

Query Letters: If you’re a writer seeking an agent, then crafting an enticing book blurb within a query letter is crucial on the path toward traditional publication. Great cover letters are essential to attracting agents and book publishers.

Blurb Examples: Over 25 enticing blurbs in almost every genre to unlock your own creativity for self-published novelists.

Query Templates: Over 10 query letter templates to use for inspiration and guidance for writers striving to get a book publishing contract.

In this valuable resource, there are numerous query letters templates and book blurbs examples for almost every fiction genre that will have an agent asking for more, and/or help a self-published author to write a compelling product description that will boost their book sales.

Are you ready to start your exciting career as an author?

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Hope these books help you on your writing journey!

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