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 It could be a number of things that we can go over. But there are five important things that will instantly grab a reader's attention and should never be dismissed. Bestselling author H.M. Ward talked about a few of them, like the Golden Trifecta: book cover, blurb, and excerpt. These are the top three to selling a bazillion books.  

Overall, my goal with this post is to help give you surefire ways to make your entire online presence and your novel(s) appear even more engaging to potential readers. As indie authors, you want to make sure everything appears professional and top-notch because readers will get an immediate impression of you and your book, and that is what’s going to help you sell books. You want to make sure that everything about your online presence looks first-rate.

I can offer valuable feedback on your Amazon profile, Bio, book covers, blurbs (back jacket copy), and even help with keywords, as well as easy steps to take to start selling more books in 30 days.
We all need professional advice or help with marketing our books sometimes. Just writing and finishing a novel is a huge accomplishment, but nowadays authors need to wear many hats to become successful. Besides writing, they need to market their work to a target audience, promote on social media, obtain book reviews, create an "author brand," and most importantly, have an overall professional online appearance. 

Quote: “Writing is an art form. Publishing is a business. Successful authors must be good at both.”Bestselling author Jamie McGuire
Doing all the marketing alone or figuring out how to "brand" your books can feel overwhelming, but if you have  support and guidance, then it will make book promotion so much more fun and easy. 

If you’re already published and your book just isn’t selling as many copies as you’d hoped, it could be number of things that were overlooked or just need updating to reach your goals. I can help because if it weren’t for other writers who helped me and offered me such generous and compassionate advice, my own books wouldn’t be selling. 

There are a ton of amazing blogs and forums on the Internet to help authors with promotion, but what I’m offering is a simple guide on various ways you can start selling more books within a month, along with advice on revamping your “brand,” along with help getting your novel(s) more noticeability and gain new readers.

This guidebook is designed for fiction writers who have published their first novel or several eBooks and feel unsure what steps they need to take to create "author branding", or published authors struggling to find ways to reach a wider readership. Writing can be your passion, but it also a business. If you are serious about making a living as a writer, this book will definitely help you. I realize that some writers cannot afford to hire a publicist or pay for advertising that might not even work, so I'm here to help you find success.

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This in-depth marketing plan will help self-published writers / Indie authors to boost their book sales and have a more streamlined and professional online presence.


 Learn How To Sell More Books in 30 days!

This in-depth marketing guide is perfect for writers publishing their first novel or indie authors trying to gain a wider readership. The manual includes valuable tips on networking, how to get more book reviews, and contains wonderful advice on how to best promote your work from established authors and popular book bloggers.

Whether you’re a multi-published author looking to expand your audience or a self-published writer, this book will instantly give you the tools to market your fiction like a pro! Free bonus features include how successful authors use social media to connect with potential readers, reviewers, and how to sell more books.

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Hope this info helps you on your writing journey!
~Creativity Coach, S. A. Soule