Fiction Writing Guides

Each of these helpful and inexpensive self-editing books in the Fiction Writing Tools series encompass many different topics such as, dialogue, exposition, internal-monologue, setting, and other editing techniques that will help creative writers take their writing skills to the next level.

Fiction Writing Tools series:
The Writer's Guide to Character Emotion (Book 1)
The Writer's Guide to Character Expression (Book 2)
The Writer's Guide to Vivid Scenes and Characters (Book 3)
The Writers Guide to Realistic Dialogue (Book 4)
The Writer's Guide to a Plotting Novel (Book 5)

                                    THE WRITER’S GUIDE TO CHARACTER EMOTION
Best Method to Crafting Realistic Character Expressions and Emotions!

Most writers struggle with creating a captivating story. The fastest way to improve your writing is by the use of the “Deep Point-of-View” technique, which can transform any novel from mediocre storytelling into riveting prose.

This manual will provide writers with the essential skills needed to significantly enhance their characterization and intensify emotions by eliminating filtering words that cause narrative distance. Plus, this unique guidebook includes hundreds of amazing ways to use “show don’t tell” to submerge readers so deeply into any scene that they will experience the story along with the characters.

Writers will learn to:
* Revise Shallow Writing
* Deepen Characterization
* Craft Realistic Visceral Reactions

* Improve Showing vs. Telling
* Create Lifelike Character Expressions

Learn how to apply “showing” methods through powerful examples in action, along with the necessary tools to immediately deepen the reader’s experience with vivid, sensory details.

Fastest Way to Improve Dialogue, Settings, and Characterization!

No matter what genre you write, this second manual on the Deep Point of View technique should be kept as a vital reference in every writer’s toolbox. This in-depth guide offers specific, practical tools for creative fiction writers on how to craft realistic settings, visceral responses, and lifelike characters.

Crammed with even more examples and ways to eliminate shallow writing, this book provides the necessary techniques to master describing facial expressions, body language, and character emotions. This resource of endless inspiration will reveal how to dig deeper to “show don’t tell,” which is essential to crafting compelling scenes and deepening characterization.

Learn to write:
* Realistic settings through sensory details
* Three-dimensional characters
* Memorable “Voice”
* Authentic facial expressions

Learn surefire, simple methods of getting readers so emotionally invested in your stories that booklovers will be flipping the pages to find out what happens next.



Learn to Describe a Realistic Setting with Atmospheric Detail and Create Vivid Characters!

No matter what genre you write, fiction writers will learn how to craft descriptions like a seasoned pro. World-building isn’t easy, but creating original depictions of characters, locations, weather, and mood can greatly enhance anyone’s writing.

Evocative settings are more effective and compelling when they’re visible, auditory, olfactory, and tactile. And character descriptions are much more visual and lifelike when they have unique physical attributes. This valuable reference and descriptive thesaurus offers writers a simplified way to depict vibrant settings and dynamic character descriptions flawlessly.

Writers will learn:
* The importance of using sensory details
* To expertly master showing vs. telling
* The impact setting can have on a story
* To effectively describe vivid characters
* How adding color will strengthen description

Each chapter provides specific, practical tools to help make writing descriptions and crafting three-dimensional characters simple and fun, with plenty of illustrations to highlight each point.


A Powerful Reference Tool to Crafting Realistic Conversations in Fiction!

This manual is specifically for fiction writers who want to learn how to create riveting and compelling dialogue that propels the storyline and reveals character personality.

Writers will also learn how to weave emotion, description, and action into their dialogue heavy scenes. With a special section on how to instantly improve characterization through gripping conversations. All of these helpful writing tools will make your dialogue sparkle!



Awesome Tips on Crafting a Riveting Story that instantly Grabs Your Reader...

This manual offers amazing techniques for creating stronger beginnings and ways to write a page-turning plot for your fiction novel. Writers will learn how to make their first pages so intriguing with chapter “hooks” that the reader won’t be able to put the book down.

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions on creating a comprehensive plot with the three-act structure using the dynamic templates provided in this guidebook, whether you’re a plotter or more of a pantser. Each chapter provides comprehensive tips on storytelling, which every writer needs to plot like an experienced pro without a complicated outline.

Topics in this book include:
* 6 Popular Genre Plot Templates
* 3 Extensive Character Templates
 * Tools to Create a Page-Turning First Chapter
* Advice on Writing Scene Hooks
* Simple Breakdown on Story Structure
* Wisdom from Bestselling Authors on Plotting

Also, writers will gain the tools needed to blend character goals within any scene to improve pacing, and instantly strengthen the narrative. Plus, bonus advice on self-publishing and genre word counts. Whether you’re writing an intense thriller or a sweeping romance, all novels follow the same basic outline described in detail within this book.

Hope these books help you on your writing journey!

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