Scary Good Storytelling!

I feel that storytelling comes in many forms from movies to plays to songs to novels. 

So for a Halloween binge-watch, I am going to highly recommend this Netflix original series, THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE, a modern-day re-imagining of Shirley Jackson's 1959 novel. 

I read the book years ago and I’ve seen the other two movies (meh), but nothing even comes close to this one. I think the writing (storytelling) is brilliant and the acting is exceptional, and some of the scenes are downright terrifying. If you are a horror or paranormal writer, then this show should excite your creative muse.

Plot summary: This new storyline blends the terrors of a gothic haunted house with an intricate, multi-generational family drama that is set in flashbacks between the character’s childhood at Hill House, and the terrifying aftermath as dysfunctional adults. The family, a couple with five children, move into the house in order to renovate and flip it. Instead of making a profit, they flee in the middle of the night, and the terrors that happened in that house haunts each child through adulthood.

I admit I have always had a morbid fascination with haunted house stories, and not so much with the ghosts, but the houses themselves. My favorite stories are the ones that take place in an old Gothic mansion on a forlorn estate with eerie fog. Maybe that’s why I have so many scary houses in my own books. 

Anyway, this series delivers all my favorite scare tropes and then some! Plus, a few thrilling plot twists.

If you enjoy a creepy, slow-burn ghost story, then you'll love this series. And if you don't have Netflix, I urge you to get a subscription because I have come to really love a lot of their original content.

This October won’t be complete without watching this series, but hey, don’t blame me if you have to sleep with a nightlight. :-)

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