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Hey indie authors!

Some of you might notice that I have been changing the design on my popular YA Urban Fantasy novels quite a bit over the last six months. I'm learning a lot of new things about graphics and book cover art, so I like to play around with my own covers. 

This is my latest design for the Charmed Chronicles and I think it came out pretty good. It should attract my target audience, which are young adults and adults who enjoy reading urban fantasy with romance, and Buffy-style flair.

And I also recently published a new book in the Fiction Writing Tools series that focuses on book cover art and promotion. I had the privilege of interviewing several talented book cover artists, which should help indie authors better understand the importance of "genre specific" covers and the right marketing to attract their target readership. 


It will be helpful to anyone with low sales, or if they want to revive their backlist. I put a link below if anyone wants to check it out.

Do you aspire to expand your readership? Have you tried and failed to get a Bookbub deal?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this book can help.

Most writers struggle with attracting their target readership. In this remarkable guide, indie authors will uncover the secrets to book cover design and learn influential marketing tactics that will increase sales and catch the attention of readers.

A writer works hard on the “inside” of a book, so they should ensure that the “outside” is just as awesome.

The problem is that most self-published writers are unsure what “author branding” means or how impactful a “genre specific” cover is to effective book promotion.

The best way to increase books sales, and save time and money on advertising is by using the secrets revealed in this handbook. The topics included in this in-depth guide also include powerful ways authors of popular genres can attract more readers, along with interviews and advice from some of top designers in the publishing industry.

In this valuable resource, writers will gain the knowledge, marketing secrets, and insight to designing a professional book cover, and notice a difference within 6 weeks.

Are you ready to embark on a successful writing career?

Please click here to start reading... 


Shhh! Here is a secret...

I now have a 2018 exclusive book cover design group on Facebook. Every month, I'll be posting brand-new premade designs for indie authors to browse with an option to buy.

By joining this group, VIP members will get first dibs on any new 2018 designs at a huge discount! 


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