Book Cover Designs Don't Matter!


Book Covers Don't Matter and They Don't Help Sales!

From the title of this blog post, you'll assume that it's the story within the novel that really counts and not the book cover. But that kind of thinking might hinder your sales. Now let me explain why...


For example, could anyone identify just by glancing at the cover posted above what genre the story is, or even what the book is about? 

You might think it's a mystery because of the blue eyeball or maybe romance, but it's really hard to tell what that story would be about. Plus, it is ugly! LOL

If your book cover doesn't match the current trends in the genre that you're writing, then there's a good chance that the story won't reach your intended audience. If the book cover isn’t genre specific enough, you won't sell as many books.

To attract the right readership, a design must be "genre specific." A cover should give readers an instant idea of the genre and a hint about what the story entails. 

I understand how difficult it can be to promote your novel(s) and generate sales, and sometimes a writer can’t afford a cover designer. Or it just isn’t high on a writer’s list of priorities. Or maybe they thought the book cover doesn't matter that much and a cover won't help with sales. However, I think the biggest issue is that as writers (and I made this mistake, too!), we get designs that are pleasing to us or what we'd like the cover to look like without doing our homework first. By homework, I mean researching book cover trends and bestsellers in the genre that we write in.

A cover is usually what first attracts the reader and lures them in. A book cover is the first impression that most readers have. It is like bait on a hook that captures the reader's attention and gets them curious enough to want to find out more. 

A good cover is part of a writer's marketing arsenal and it had better do a damn good job!

Once you start thinking about a cover in terms of “packaging,” it will make all the difference. When I redid the “golden trifecta,” as the bestselling H. M. Ward calls it, my sales improved within six weeks. And I mean that it made a difference from selling only five books a day to more than fifty.

~Creativity Coach, S. A. Soule

BTW, I also recently published a new book in the Fiction Writing Tools series that focuses on book cover art and promotion. I had the privilege of interviewing several talented book cover artists, which should help indie authors better understand the importance of "genre specific" covers and the right marketing to attract their target readership. 

And it will be helpful to anyone with low sales, or if they want to revive their backlist. I put a link below if anyone wants to check it out.


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