Following your Bliss and Living a Positive Writer's Life in 2018

Dear writer friends,

I don’t know what your plans, dreams, hopes, or goals are for 2018, but it helps to write them down or share them with others. 

I’ll be honest, 2017 was a horrible year for me career-wise. My books sales plummeted and my other online businesses were not making much money, either. I made less this year than I made last year. 

I know a few mistakes that I made, like not really marketing and focusing on other non-money making pursuits, which let my businesses suffer. And I only published one new fiction book last year (although I’m currently relaunching my YA UF series and I had published 2 revised books), it didn’t help my income. 

Sherry’s 2018 Goal: “To finish rewriting 3 novels in my YA Urban Fantasy series and reach a large number of readers through aggressive marketing. And I will get a BB this year for my fiction!”

My advice going into 2018… 

Follow your bliss. Do not focus on the negative. Stay on your path of happiness. Do whatever it takes to shift your perspective from negative to positive. Listen to uplifting music (for me it’s hip-hop like the Black-Eyed Peas, or listening to Pharrell Williams’s “Happy” song, or cranking girl power music, like Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”) or try watching funny cat (or any animal) videos on YouTube or Instagram. Be grateful for everything you do have right now, and don’t focus on the things you don’t have or events that you cannot change. Those are in the PAST (2017), and you, my friend, are marching straight ahead with your head held high into a joy-filled future where your goals are accomplished and dreams come true. Focusing on negativity will only block your happiness, creativity, and positivity.

I made a list of 200 things and people that I feel thankful and grateful for in my life. Even the smallest or simplest stuff like having cup of coffee, or my computer working without any viruses or hardware glitches are blessings! Whenever I feel myself slipping into a negative space, I reread this list and remind myself how truly blessed I am. Make your own list going forward into 2018 and jot dow your goals.

Writing is my light in the darkness, and this year, I will carry a big torch.

Wishing everyone success on reaching their goals in 2018 and that God blesses your every endeavor. 

Have a Happy and Creative 2018 New Year!

Best wishes,


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  1. Good advice. I always write more, write better, and write more often when I am engaged in the subject. My bliss is that space where I can seemingly write forever about a topic I that genuinely interests me.

    Jon Pennigton
    The Working Writer | www.blogwritingprofits.com


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