3 Tips on Writing a Compelling Blurb for a Box-Set or Book Bundle

Today’s post is advice on how to write an engaging book blurb for your box-set. I scrolled through Amazon reading some of the blurbs and I found my eyes skimming over these super long blurbs that covered each book.

In my opinion, if the back jacket copy is too extensive and wordy, even if the author includes a blurb for each book, it is going to make a potential reader’s eyes glaze over. It is like information overload.

The blurb is just a “hook” to encourage your readers to want to read your book and/or find out more without giving away too much of the plot. Remember that a blurb is just a teaser and does not need to include every plot point or mention every character. 

All book blurbs should be under 200 words and only highlight the main conflict, the stakes, setting, genre, and mood. Including too many plot details or background info can bore your reader or confuse them about what the book is about. They should be concise yet compelling. Too wordy or rambling and potential reader might look for another book.

For example, this is the marketing copy for two of the books in my own bundle:

Books One and Two of the Bestselling Spellbound Prodigies Series

Read the first two installments of Shiloh’s harrowing journey into a magical world filled with supernatural creatures, dangerous magic, and haunting romance.


Shiloh Trudell isn’t like other sixteen-year-old girls. She’s a heritage witch with psychic powers, who can communicate with the dead. So when she takes a summer job at the haunted Craven Manor, her life takes a frightening turn after she encounters a ghost with a sinister agenda.

What’s even more dangerous than her new profession as a demon hunter is the sexy new hottie in town whose emerald-green eyes and crooked smile causes her heart to skip a beat. Shiloh can’t seem to ignore her inexplicable attraction to the drool-worthy Trent Donovan, even when she’s got bigger problems to deal with. . . Like discovering who put a supernatural hit list on the other teenagers in town.

Between dating the hottest guy in town, fending off soul-sucking demons, and studying magick, Shiloh finds herself on the verge of uncovering a shocking secret that the others in town have vowed to protect.

But will exposing this secret come at a deadly price?

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As you can see, it is short and to the point. It covers the setting, premise, and conflict. It has a few tropes and gets right to the heart of what a reader can expect from these paranormal romance series.

All stories share these important elements in common: A character who wants something, but something stands in her/his way, so she/he struggles against that force, and either succeeds or fails.

So when you're trying to write a book blurb for a longer series, it seems natural to include every blurb in the product description. My advise is NOT to do that.  Just write a longer summary which pertains to the series as a whole and extend it to 300 to 400 words to include the conflict, theme, character goals, obstacles standing in the hero's way, the bad guy (unless the plot is man vs. himself, than include the character's fatal flaw), and what's at stake for the hero.

Let me put it this way, if someone asks you what the series is about, what do you say? How do you summarize the entire series? 

Write a short outline detailing your series, and then turn it into marketing copy. Don't lose sales or potential readers by having a blurb that is too long and rambling and overly wordy. You only need to lure them into reading the excerpt and then clicking on that "buy" button...


Even if you've already published a few books or you're just starting out in the indie publishing world, there's always more to learn on the craft of fiction and book promotion. If you're determined to take your writing career seriously and make it to the next level, you need to make sure that your author branding and book packaging are "genre specific" to hit your target audience and build a loyal readership. 

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