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Over the years, I’ve definitely made my fair share of mistakes as a self-published writer and indie author. Although, I'd hired talented book cover designers, I didn’t bother to do any research. I just told the designer what I wanted without spending anytime studying the market, or other books in my genre. I should've checked the bestseller lists and taken a closer look at my competition. My book covers were amazing, but they didn't quite fit the trends in design at that time.

For example, I write young adult novels in both the paranormal romance and science fiction genres. When those novels were first published, I didn't take the time do any marketing research. Big mistake! My books just weren't selling as much I'd hoped until I changed my covers to designs that better matched the genres trending, and within six weeks my sales tripled.

It is smart to have a cover that matches the genre and follows the trends of other book covers. (However, make sure your cover is not too similar. It should still have it's own unique design.)

Lately, I've noticed a lot of really ugly, amateurish looking book covers that were clearly DIY. (Sometimes I really want to contact these authors and offer them a free design, but I'm afraid that would be rude!) That’s one reason why I decided to start creating inexpensive book covers for indie authors on a budget. 

Here is an example of a cover that is too busy and doesn't let the reader know the genre:

My designs, SwoonWorthy Book Covers, are affordable, and look much more professional than most DIY covers. And I’m also willing to the lower the price for authors who can’t afford the $59.99, but desperately need a new cover. I have about 200 covers for $39.99 or less, and some covers as low as $9.99. Plus, I even give away a book cover or two every month.

Nowadays, self-published authors must wear many hats, like becoming a marketing expert. A book cover (packaging) is important. A lot of writers think the book cover design doesn’t matter, but it does have a huge impact on reaching the right readership and expressing the genre. 

If you're not sure if your book cover fits your genre, like I've mentioned in other posts, I suggest studying the design trends on the bestsellers lists and visit goodreads and browse through the book covers in whichever genre and sub-genres that you write in. 

For example, if you write legal thrillers, do a search to see what's trending and get a cover that reader's expect to see in that genre. However, you don't want to have the exact same cover as another author, but I think something similar would be a savvy marketing choice like the examples I designed on the right-side.
If your book isn’t selling and you’ve been promoting it for months and the reviews are decent, but sales are still dragging, then it might be time to replace your cover. Even with something standard that resembles the genre that you write. 

Some articles online I recently found were actually shaming book cover designs that were too similar. These blog posts are misleading to indie authors based on an incorrect assumption that covers need to be completely original and unpredictable. A book cover just needs to look professional, with fonts and colors that match the general design standards for that genre, and let readers immediately know the basic category of the novel. A successful book cover should also be similar to other bestsellers in the same genre. It is that simple! 

All of my eBook cover creations will produce interest and anticipation in potential readers, and give them an impression of your amazing story. And most writers will agree that books with a striking cover generally sell more copies. 

Notice a similar look in the examples below? I have studied the trends and designed covers that match the genre and the most popular books on the bestseller lists, so anyone purchasing my premade covers will have a greater chance at success. 

On the left-side are examples of bestselling novels, and on the right are my designs. (All of my example covers in this post are for sale.)

I try my best to create unique and compelling covers that will attract readers. If you're just starting out and you can't afford an expensive graphic artist, but you need a book cover that looks professional and gives the reader an intriguing hint about your story, then please contact me. 

Or maybe your book sales are down and you just want to experiment with a different cover, but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new design. Then I suggest that you purchase one of my eye-catching premade eBook covers and test it out. By simply updating a cover design, most writers can go from selling five copies a day to over a hundred. It worked for me!

As always, I wish everyone much success on their writing journey.


Sherry Soule

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