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I just finished another round of revisions on a current WIP (work-in-progress). As some of you know, I’ve had some personal tribulations going on with my daughter and numerous computer issues, but now I’m back and ready to talk books and life with all my lovely followers.

I have to admit that I find it daunting to find time to promote, write, edit, and blog. I don’t know how other writers do it. It’s a difficult juggling act. It’s exhausting. It’s overwhelming.

And I am in awe of other writers that seem to do all those things so effortlessly. Maybe most of them don’t have kids. :)

And I wanted to chat about my paranormal romance novel with you today. I actually wrote the first draft of IMMORTAL ECLIPSE aka IE about nine years ago. A year later, I also made the mistake of sending it out on submission to editors and agents. I did get a lot of requests for fulls and partials, but no one I sent my manuscript to offered a publishing contract or representation. 

I spent about six months querying agents and contacting editors, before giving up. However, I did get some really nice and helpful rejection letters. Every time I read this thoughtful letter from Sable Grey (doesn’t that sound like a movie star’s name?), it reminds me not to give up hope. That one day I’ll be able to make a living as a writer. 

Even rejection letters that offer useful advice from literary agents or publishing editors should help your writing. Yes, rejections suck, but take a deep breath and put your ego aside, and then use it to become a better storyteller.

That’s what I did.

The story has evolved over the years; however, the basic plot elements remained, which featured a young woman relocating from New York to California and moving into a supposedly haunted house, and then later discovering a story about girl that died on the property, who mysteriously resembles the main character. 

The early drafts had the protagonist as a disillusioned runway model, but I wasn’t sure most readers would be able to relate to her, so she developed into a fashion photographer instead. 

I knew in my gut that it was a good story, but it needed more revision. A lot more. And an insightful professional editor. But before I found the right editor for my work, I found an amazing critique partner/editor named, Carmen. I have mad respect for this woman, because not only is she a fantastic writer, but she’s also an astounding editor.

Then, luckily, I found Beth Hill of A Novel Edit. I spent about a month searching for the perfect editor for my work before deciding to hire this remarkable freelance editor. Now, no editor is perfect and any lingering grammar goofs or missed punctuation is probably my fault, because as many of you know, I like to endlessly edit.

And I learned so much from these extraordinary writers/editors that my own writing skills have flourished and has been greatly enriched by working with them. IE would not be the gripping tale it is today without their support. 

So, IMMORTAL ECLIPSE has been a very long labor of love for me (almost a decade), and to see it finally published after all these years is an accomplishment that I am immensely proud of. The novel incorporates all the things I personally love: spooky atmosphere, snarky heroine, thrilling suspense, humorous respite, romantic tension, and even a dash of fashion fun!

I realized while writing this book, that I was creating a different kind of heroine from the ones found in most horror, urban fantasy, and paranormal romances. My idiosyncratic, yet tough heroine is brave, considerate, stubborn, albeit confused, and somewhat of a fashionata. I think all these quirky aspects of her personality make her somewhat unique. 

For aspiring writers, I hope this post gives you the determination to keep writing. It took a long time for IMMORTAL ECLIPSE to be published, but all good things come to those who wait… 😊


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